Seyed Ali Akhavani

My name is Seyed Ali Akhavani. I am currently a research assistant in the Secure Systems Lab (SecLab) at Northeastern University working under supervision of Prof. Engin Kirda.


PhD in Computer Science
B.Sc. of Computer Engineering

Honors and Awards

Sept 2018
Best Undergraduate Project Award
University of Tehran

Bsc Thesis project about "Constructing and Analyzing Bitcoin Transaction Graph".

Jul 2018
Elecom Stars 3rd Best Mobile And Web Application Winner

Developed back-end of Tandori web application which ranked 3rd in Iran Elecom-Stars Annual Exhibition.

Best Student Chapter In Organizing Contests

I was official main officer of 2016 University of Tehran's ACM student chapter (Association for Computing Machinery)

ACM Student Chapter Excellence Award

I was official main officer of 2016 University of Tehran's ACM student chapter (Association for Computing Machinery)

Ranked 2nd in XP Game Contest

A contest that simulates planning game. Its goal is to teach agile programming to students via real world problems.

National Universities Entrance Exam (Mathematics and Physics)

Ranked 402th (regional rank) and 681th (national rank) among about 350,000 contestants.

National Universities Entrance Exam (Foreign Languages)

Ranked 57th (regional rank) and 93th (national rank) among about 150,000 contestants.

Research Experience

Sept 2019 - Present
Research Assistant at the Secure Systems Lab (SecLab)
Supervised by Prof. Engin Kirda - Northeastern University

Working on Web Security and Privacy. Measuring browser fingerprinting methods and browser security.

Mar 2018 - Sept 2019
Blockchain Analysis
Supervised by Dr. Ghanbari and Dr. Bahrak - University of Tehran

Working on extracting transaction data from different cryptocurrency blockchains. Also analyzing different types of cryptocurrencies' transaction graph. Including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Jun - Sept 2017
Benchmarking and Optimizing Message Systems
Supervised by Dr. Mahini - University of Tehran

Developing and Benchmarking different types of messaging and event systems for micro services. Including message queues, pub-sub messaging, and stateless http messaging.

Working Experience

Jun 2017 - Present
Software Engineer

Tapsi is a private-cab e-hailing and ride-sharing platform providing standard and premium logistics services to companies and individuals. My work is categorized into following parts:
Infrastructure: Setting up multiple distributed services including message queues, cache system, and file storage. Working on containerization of the projects’ huge code base using Docker, Docker Swarm (first) and Kubernetes (Later). Also, creating a platform to manage millions of concurrent requests and users.
Platform: Developing and benchmarking event passing system for micro services - optimizing binary object storage.
Data: Developing an automatic pricing model via analyzing requests.

Jun 2016 - Jul 2017
Software Engineer

Tandori is a social media for foods and drinks. In this web application people can follow their favoritechefs and receive their cooking instructions. I developed the back-end of this project using Node.js.

Jun 2016 - Jul 2017
Co-founder and Backend Developer

Lambede was a platform that connects people who need to find local services, with people who are looking to earn money and ready to work.

Sept 2014 - Jul 2015
Data Engineer

Datanik was a company that provides network and data solutions to third parties. I crawled different movie subtitle and analyzed the hardness of a movie language level.

Selected Projects

Linux Simple ELF Virus
Course project for Software Vulnerabilities and Security - Northeastern University

A simple virus that infects ELF binaries in linux. Project for Software Vulnerabilities course. Written in C. Github Repository

Wehe Vis

Created an interactive visualization to monitor ISPs’ traffic management policies that violate net neutralityprinciples. Project Website

Sands of Time

Sands of Time is a module that modifies time for different processes to whenever you want. Written in C and Node.Js Github Repository

Summer 2017
Digikala Crawler

An application that crawls Digikala (Iranian Amazon) and fetches newest sales then notifies the user via a Telegram Bot. Using Node.js Github Repository

Spring 2017
Akbar Ticket
Course project for Internet Engineering - Dr. Khamespanah

Akbar ticket was A flight ticket selling service. Java is used in back-end. AngluarJS is used in front-end. Gitlab Repository

Spring 2017
Multiplayer Snake
Course project for Computer Networks - Dr. Khonsari

An application that supports up to 4 people to login and play multiplayer snake. Using Java and Python via Sockets. Github Repository

Spring 2017
DNS Server
Course project for Computer Networks - Dr. Khonsari

A Complete DNS Server with Agent, Roots and TLDs. Using Java. Github Repository

Spring 2017
Linux Kernel Modification
Course project for Operating Systems - Dr. Kargahi

Optimizing Linux kernel scheduling. Also add priority based semaphore policies to Linux kernel. Github1, Github2

Summer 2016

Dimon is an application that encrypts data in ultraviolet sound and clients can send money to each other via their phone's speaker and recorder. Using Node.js. Gitlab repository

Fall 2015
Search and Rescue
Course project for Data Structures and Algorithms - Dr. Khamespanah

An application that uses advanced path finding algorithms to rescue injured people in the map. Using Java.

Volunteer experience

Dec 2015 - Dec 2016
Official Officer
Treasurer - ACM Student Chapter - University of Tehran

Organizing contests, talks, workshops, and classes including: UTsec, Panjere, ACM ICPC, XP Game, Summer Classes, Soft Skills Classes, and F1 Magazine.

Jul - Sept 2015
Executive Editor
F1 Magazine - Big Data Issue - University of Tehran

F1 is a quarterly magazine which contains computer science related articles. Big Data issue was chosen as the best scientific magazine of University of Tehran.

Jul - Oct 2017
ACM Summer of Code - University of Tehran

Teaching web development with Node.js, HTML, and CSS to new computer engineering students which led to "Postchi" web application.

Sept 2016 - Jun 2017
Network Technician
Informatics Center - Universities of Tehran

Setting up wired and wireless networks in different university faculties. Also developing live streaming system for university.

Apr 2017
Executive Assistant
FSEN International Conference - IPM

Helping different professors from around the world to settle in Iran. Also I was the conference organizer. I was assisting FSEN's keynote speaker Dr. Henzinger
Certificate is available here

Dec 2016 - Dec 2017
ACM Student Chapter - University of Tehran ACM Student Chapter

Advising new ACM chapter officers to organize contests, talks, workshops, and classes including: Panjere, ACM ICPC, and F1 Magazine.

Teaching Experience

Fall 2018
Network Security
Teaching Assistant - University of Tehran

Designing computer assignments, course project, and grading.
Dr. Sayad

Spring + Fall 2018
Operating Systems
Teaching Assistant - University of Tehran

Designing computer assignments, quizzes, and grading.
Dr. Kargahi

Spring 2018
Internet Engineering
Teaching Assistant - University of Tehran

Designing course main project, and grading.
Dr. Khosravi

Spring 2018
Software Engineering
Teaching Assistant - University of Tehran

Designing computer assignments, course project, and grading.
Dr. Ghasemi

Fall 2015
Introduction to Computing Systems And Programming
Teaching Assistant - University of Tehran

Designing computer assignments and grading.
Dr. Hashemi and Dr. Moradi

Summer 2015
Web UI Design with HTML and CSS
Instructor - University of Tehran ACM Summer Classes

Teaching HTML5 and CSS3.

Summer + Fall 2014
Teaching Assistant - Alavi High School

Designing exams, solutions, and handouts.



Persian: Native
English: Fluent



Node.js, Java, JavaScript, R, C/C++

Familiar With:

Python, Verilog, LaTeX, MATLAB

Tools and Frameworks


Adobe Photoshop, Mongodb, PostgreSQL, Apache Tomcat, Maven

Familiar With:

Jango, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, AngluarJS, WordPress

Personal Skills

Open to learning new things, Fast learner, Experienced in managing teams and team working


Rubik Cubes

I've been solving different types of Rubik cubes since I was in elementary school. I've got a collection of these cubes too

Digital Art and Drawing

I draw different kinds of 2D animation characters in my free time.


I'm Certified lifeguard since in Alavi High School Since 2013.


I love camping in nature and hiking. I've gone to a lot of places including mountains, desert, and valleys.


Available upon request